About ICP

Founded in 1971, The Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy (ICP) is one of the oldest and largest not-for-profit mental health training and treatment facilities in New York City.

The Institute is composed of a group of over 200 therapists. Most of our therapists have training in psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy through one of ICP’s training programs or an equivalent – some are currently in such training. Many of our therapists have completed their graduate degrees and are licensed while others are earning those degrees or are completing licensing requirements. With the exception of a small number of senior therapists, all clinical work is performed under the supervision of a licensed and experienced professional supervisor.

ICP offers a full range of psychotherapeutic services, including individual and group psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis in addition to more specialized treatment services. ICP is dedicated to providing high quality therapy at low to moderate cost, offering post-graduate training for therapists, and educating the public about mental health issues.

ICP is conveniently located at Columbus Circle at the juncture of the 1, A, B, C, and D trains and the #104, 5, 7, and 11 buses. ICP is dedicated to providing culturally sensitive treatment services to match the diversity of New York City’s residents.

How does therapy work?

Most psychotherapy, whether short-term problem-focused or long-term psychoanalytically-oriented treatment, relies upon a dialogue between the therapist and the patient. The purpose of this dialogue is to help explore the underlying causes of problems and symptoms. Psychotherapy can help with Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks, Depression, Apathy, Uncontrollable Rage, Inability to Experience Pleasure, Guilt and Shame, Obsessions/Intrusive Thoughts, Compulsions, Phobias, Inhibitions, Eating Disorders, Family or Couple Problems, Problems with Children and Adolescents, Issues Involving Sexual Orientation, Problems With Artistic Expression, Issues With Aging, School or Career Problems, Work Related Problems, Excessive Use of Alcohol or Drugs, Sexual, Physical or Emotional Abuse, Low Self-Esteem, Chronic Feelings of Emptiness, Persistent Unhappiness.

How do I get treatment?

When you come to ICP, you will be seen by an intake worker specially trained to deal with the conflicts people may face. During the intake you will complete three psychological questionnaires and talk with the intake worker, at which time you may request the type of therapist you would feel most comfortable with (i.e., male or female, younger or older). A treatment plan is then formulated, and within a week you will be assigned to a therapist appropriate for you. If you are not comfortable with the assigned therapist, you will be assigned another to ensure that your treatment is productive. We will also make a referral if the services you need are not available at ICP.

Can I afford therapy?

The Institute accepts the following in-network insurance: Oscar, GHI, GHI Medicaid, HealthFirst, HealthFirst Medicaid, HIP, and HIP Medicaid. If you have out-of-network insurance, you will most likely be reimbursed for a portion of your expenses. If you are not covered by insurance, we will establish a fee on a sliding scale based on your income.


For more information see Frequently Asked Questions.  If you would like to schedule an initial intake to discuss your need for treatment, please call us at: (212) 333-3444.