General Adult Treatment Services

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The Adult Treatment Service offers individual psychotherapy (1-2 times weekly), or intensive psychoanalytic treatment (3-5 times weekly); and referral for supportive psychiatric medication treatment when needed as an adjunct to psychotherapy. Therapy may help with a range of problems-in-living that affect the way we think and feel.

These include symptoms of anxiety, indecisiveness, guilt and shame; depression and low self-esteem; effects of abuse; flashback memories; and distress in work and relationships.Our therapists appreciate the uniqueness of each person’s life experience and cultural background.Our patients come from a range of ethnic, economic and work backgrounds.


Our staff understands the value of early intervention. An initial intake assessment appointment is usually scheduled within a few days after you contact ICP.At an intake interview, you and an intake worker discuss your situation, our process for selection of a therapist, treatment planning, options for referral, and fee as determined on a sliding scale.

At Intake, information regarding prior treatment may be needed.We might ask you to attend more than one appointment with your intake worker, or to meet with a consulting psychiatrist.These appointments would require additional fees.

Our intakes and treatment sessions are by appointment only. We are not set up for walk-in or crisis services to people seeking immediate help.We suggest a local hospital emergency room if you are in need of immediate consultation.We do not have a psychiatrist on premises.

The start of psychotherapy is a big step. Our goal is to make it a constructive experience for you. There may be times when our waiting period for an intake appointment is too long for your needs. Or, we may believe that our services are not right for you. In either case, we will make every effort to provide you with other referrals. If we are unable to match you with one of our therapists, it does not reflect on your ability to benefit from treatment.


If you would like to set up an appointment or would like further information, call ICP at: (212) 333-3444.

For more information please visit the General Adult Treatment Services section of our website.