Child and Adolescent Treatment Services

About CATS

The Child and Adolescent Treatment Service, a division of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, is committed to fostering the healthy emotional development of children and adolescents. Our main function is to provide individual psychotherapy to children and adolescents.

We regard the child as part of a family and a community and believe that there is no single treatment that is best for all children and their families. To this end, consultation with parents, physicians, teachers and tutors is considered vitally important.


We offer comprehensive services for children and adolescents at a moderate cost. Fees are determined by a sliding scale based on income and frequency of sessions. At an initial interview, we aim to carefully assess and recommend to the family a treatment plan. Because of our commitment to a developmental understanding of children, we are aware that treatment plans may need to be modified over time. Therefore, the Directors are continually involved in the monitoring of each case. Our clinicians appreciate the role of cultural differences in mental health treatment and we strive to cultivate a culturally sensitive treatment atmosphere.


If you would like to set up an appointment or would like further information, call the Child and Adolescent Treatment Service at: (212) 333-3444.

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