Family and Couples Treatment Services


Family and Couples Treatment Services, a Division of ICP, was established in 1982 to meet the needs of a growing number of couples and families seeking therapy. FACTS is committed to both individual and systemic change, integrating individual psychodynamic and systemic approaches to human problems. We believe that human development is best understood in an interpersonal context, especially within family relationships, past and present.

 FACTS Mission 

Our training mission in the FACTS Program is to provide mental health professionals working in agencies, hospitals, and private practice with opportunities to expand their skills in the treatment of families and couples. Our training addresses systemic theory and the major schools and techniques of couples and family therapy.

 FACTS Facility 

Our faculty has expertise in the treatment of married and unmarried couples, lesbian and gay couples and families, divorced and remarried couples, single parent families, substance abuse in couples and families in conjunction with 12-step programs, eating disorders in families, multicultural couples and families, and trauma and the family.


A Graduate degree in a mental health or related discipline is required. Certificate of completion is awarded upon completion of the two year program. 


FACTS training consists of a two-year course of study for 30 weeks each year from October through May. Classes are held on Thursday mornings from 9:15 to 10:45 AM. The first year of training is a didactic course in systems theory and the practice of family and couples therapy. The second year consists of intense group supervision of cases. In the second year, trainees are required to take two evening cases per week and are paid on a fee for service basis.


Tuition was $2,200 for 2011-2012 academic year. 


Those interested in applying to the Family and Couples Treatment Services, please contact ICP at (212) 333-3444.