In-Person Therapy

As ICP gets closer to re-opening our offices we will be sending out a series of questionnaires to determine how we determine the pacing of moving forward.  Our goal is to begin with limited capacity for therapists who wish to treat patients in person right after the new year. We will be sending out our re-opening plan and vaccination policy under separate cover.  In short, all who enter ICP’s offices will have to be vaccinated, with some very specific exceptions.  The offices will be equipped with air purifiers and we will be using only a percentage of our rooms to start, to prevent any possible crowding in the waiting room and offices.

We would like to be able to offer in-person treatment to those therapists and patients who mutually agree to it.  In order to assess the demand, please use this link to a very brief questionnaire.  We will then be able to better determine the days and hours in which we will open.

Please fill out the questionnaire below by x/x/xxxx.  We will be making determinations based on your answers, so those who respond late may have more of a delayed start date.