Clinical Interns

ICP Graduate Level Internship Application Process

All of the information below is for the 2024-2025 academic year. 

ICP accepts MSW, MHC and MFT candidates in their advanced year of study.  ICP strives to be an inclusive space for all serious learners.  We strongly encourage BIPOC individuals to apply.  We seek diversity in all areas of our institute, including our intern cohort.

Application Process is rolling, beginning February 15, 2024.  The last date to submit applications is March 15th.  We will strive to complete the interview process (two interviews for each applicant that we wish to interview) by March 31st, with most interviews occurring before March 15th, and let applicants know of our decision by the beginning of April at the latest.

Internships run from September through May.  Preliminary training and orientations take place at the end of August and all selected interns are strongly encouraged to attend.

ICP accepts one or more interns into the following Divisions:

  1. Adult Treatment Program
  2. Trauma training and treatment program
  3. Family and Couples training and treatment program (FACTS)
  4. Eating Issues Training and treatment program (CSAB)
  5. Gender and Sexuality training and treatment program (PCGS)

The Adult Treatment program is our treatment clinic.  The other programs have classes or lectures in addition to treating patients.

Components of ICP’s internship program:

  1. All interns are assigned patients from within the division they are assigned. The number of patients assigned will be determined by the division directors in conjunction with school’s requirements.
  2. Interns in one of our training programs will become a member of the first-year cohort of the program and will attend classes alongside other candidates.
  3. All interns will spend about 7-10 hours a week working in intake coordination and discharge planning.
  4. All interns will have individual supervision and group supervision.
  5. All interns will have specific meetings within their divisions that they will be expected to attend.
  6. All interns will have a weekly “All Interns” meeting on Mondays from 12-1:30 (mandatory).
  7. All interns are invited and encouraged to attend our workshops and lectures that are given throughout the calendar year from any division at ICP, not just their own division.

While ICP’s internship program is a competitive placement, we encourage all qualified applicants to apply.  ICP actively seeks diversity in each year’s intern cohort and strongly encourages BIPOC candidates to apply.

To Apply:

Please send Cover Letter and Resume to Shea Smith, LMSW, MA, Systems Specialist at

  • Cover letter and resume should be in PDF form and should have the student’s full name indicated in the file name. g., Jane Doe Resume.  Please do not send resume and cover letter with file name such as: “resume,” “My resume,” “Internship resume,” “cover letter ICP,” etc.
  • Cover letter should indicate the program or programs (in order of preference) that they are interested in. Maximum of three options. The letter should include evidence of their interest in the specific program(s) they are applying to, e.g., Volunteer or job experience, research, classes taken, personal history.
  • Resume – please indicate cumulative GPA.
  • Additional info for Trauma clinical internship, in addition to cover letter and resume, please submit two letters of recommendation, and the clinical internship application which can be accessed here.
  • All resumes/cover letters will be reviewed after February 15th. No applications will be accepted prior to Feb. 15th.  
  • The applicants who are selected to move forward in the application process will be interviewed by the program’s division directors and if selected to continue, a group interview will be scheduled with Shea Smith.
  • All applicants will receive an email informing them of ICP’s decision regarding their application.
  • If the student’s cover letter and resume is coming directly from the field office: Please only one student’s information per email. Please CC: the student on the email.

ICP accepts about 10-20 applicants each year, based on supervisor availability and the applicant pool.  We appreciate if field offices would pre-select students who they believe will be a good match for our program. ICP strongly encourages BIPOC candidates to apply.

On some years, ICP accepts one advanced MSW student in a non-clinical/leadership track to be supervised by the Shea Smith. Please send resume and cover letter.  Potential candidates will be contacted for an interview with Shea Smith.

Questions? Please contact Shea Smith,