PCGS’s Clinical Certificate Program

PCGS’s Clinical Certificate is the first training program of its kind. It is an exciting opportunity for all clinicians who seek specialized training in the treatment of the LGBTQ population of the 21st century. Therapists who complete the didactic over 2 or more years, in conjunction with weekly supervision and the fulfillment of fee-for-service patient hours, are eligible for LGBTQ Clinical Certificate. Therapists in the certificate program will receive group supervision; fee-for-service payment; reduced rates to other ICP seminars and modules; invaluable networking connections; and the opportunity for private patient referral.

Admission Requirements
Program Fees
Graduation Requirements
Clinical Internships

Continuing Clinical Education

All LGBTQ Clinical Certificate Program modules are open to clinicians seeking to expand their practical knowledge in working with the LGBTQ population. Completion of modules and qualifying seminars or conferences can be credited to fulfill the certificate program requirements. Although our courses are generally structured on a September to June academic calendar, you can join our program year-round.

Admission Requirements

  • Program application
  • NYS license
  • Malpractice insurance
  • NYS background check
  • Interview with program committee

Program Fees

There is no tuition for our program! Instead, our program is pay-as-you-go*:

  • Modules: $50 per week (current candidates receive 50% off)
  • Workshops: $75-$100 for half day, $150 for full day (current candidates receive 50% off)
  • Individual supervision: $50 per hour (only necessary for therapists working towards clinical certification/licensure)
  • Group supervision: Free!

*Please note that some specialized programming might cost more or less than the above estimates.

Program Structure &  Graduation Requirements

As a therapist at PCGS, you are automatically enrolled in our Clinical Certificate Program. In order to graduate and earn a certificate, you must meet the following requirements:

Core Curriculum

(1) LGBTQ Experience; Then and Now
(2) Transference/countertransference with LGBTQ Patients
(3) In Depth Clinical Work with Transgender Patients
(4) Essential Psychoanalytic Theory*
(5) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshop**
(6) Suicidality Workshop**

In addition, candidates must complete at least 34 hours of electives. Up to 12 of these electives may be obtained through other divisions within ICP, such as STC workshops and AT Seminars.

*Candidates who have completed an equivalent course will be excused from Essential Psychoanalytic Theory.
**These courses are provided to candidates at no cost. 

Certificate Graduation Requirements:

• 432 Hours of psychotherapy provided to PCGS patients

• Option One: Standard Program: Expected completion time three years seeing at least patients per week.
• Option Two: Accelerated Program: Minimum completion time two years, accumulating 432 supervised patient hours. This is accomplished by seeing more than the minimum weekly patient hours requirement.

• Group supervision once a week for three years
• Satisfactory evaluation by a supervisor
• Completion of core curriculum plus elective hours
*Individual supervisors can be provided for candidates in need of more support. If you are a candidate that requires individual supervision, there will be a modest fee.

Fill Out Our Application Below or Download Below

At this time, PCGS is currently creating a new structure for our clinical training program. To be notified of when our new program is announced, along with our new admission guidelines and application process, please sign up for our mailing list here.

Program details are expected to be rolled out in the fall of 2024.

Clinical Internships

PCGS accepts clinical interns each school year. Eligible applicants will be about to start their second year at an accredited university, earning a degree in social work (MSW), mental health counseling (MHC), or marriage and family therapy (MFT).

To learn more and apply, please visit icpnyc.org/interns

The Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy provides training without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity or any other classification protected under applicable federal, state and local law.