Treatment Services

Psychotherapy is an invaluable tool for LGBTQ-identified people. Affirmative therapy can potentially help people improve their lives in the short term and over the long term by laying a positive and strong foundation for personal growth. Dealing with issues from coming out to friends and family, to shame, emotional distress, anxiety, violence, abuse, and sexual problems, PCGS therapists are trained to treat a wide range of mental health issues, and are attuned to the unique problems of the LGBTQ-identified community.

PCGS provides affirmative, supportive psychotherapy to the LGBTQ community and recognizes the range and diversity of gender and sexuality within all of us. We will develop a personal treatment plan for you and choose an appropriate therapist. During the initial interview, your intake counselor will discuss the selection of a therapist, the frequency of sessions, and fees. Our fees are based on a sliding scale. Your treatment begins within two weeks after your initial phone call. Your call is strictly confidential.

See below for more information about our specific services:

Transgender Care

PCGS’s Transgender Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals of transgender experience. Issues pertinent to this group may include:

• Support through transitioning
• Considering gender reassignment options
• Gender identity disorder
• Gender-queer/fluid identities
• Body image
• Sex
• Dating & relationships
• The coming out process
• Problems with parents & family


Working with LGBTQ Seniors

PCGS’s (formerly known as GLAP) Seniors Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of LGBTQ-identified seniors. Issues pertinent to this group may include:

• Retirement
• Transitional living
• Extended families
• Coming out in later life
• Aging & illness
• Grief/loss/bereavement
• Substance abuse
• Sex
• Dating & relationships
• Community building
• Assisted living and home care issues
• Loss of independence
• Elder abuse
• Living with HIV/AIDS
• Estate planning


Families and Couples

PCGS’s (formerly known as GLAP) Family & Couples Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of LGBTQ-identified families and couples. Issues pertinent to this group may include:

• Domestic partnership and marriage
• Parenting
• Parent-child relationships
• Family formation
• Extended families
• Adopting and fostering
• Sex
• Deciding between monogamy or open relationships
• Arguing/fighting
• Domestic/intimate partner violence
• Addiction & compulsive behaviors
• Sero-discordance


Adult Treatment

PCGS’s Adult Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of LGBTQ-identified adults. Issues pertinent to this group may include:

• Career challenges
• Addiction & compulsive behaviors
• Life transitions
• Dating & relationships
• Sex
• The coming out process
• Living with HIV/AIDS
• Self-esteem
• Stress management
• Religious & cultural identities

Surgery Letter Project

PCGS’ Surgery Assessment Program is dedicated to reducing the financial and logistical barriers around accessing trans-competent mental health services for gender affirming surgical interventions.

We have trained our therapists to provide quality assessment letters for trans and gender nonconforming people seeking gender affirming surgery. Clinicians offer informed care within a safe space and have knowledge of all gender-affirming

Assessment letters conform to WPATH standards of care.

To schedule an appointment for a letter, please call Tobin Berliner directly at 212-333-3444 extension 109.


Please call 212-333-3444 to schedule an intake appointment

The Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy complies with applicable civil rights laws and does not discriminate against, exclude, or treat patients differently on the basis of actual or perceived race, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, disability, marital or partnership status, sexual orientation or identity, or alienage or citizenship status.