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Psychoanalytic Treatment

In offering Psychoanalytic treatment we provide a service to help broaden perspectives about the roots of our difficulties. We ask what makes us repeat things, despite having worked on them before? In these extraordinary and chaotic times our coping skills and relationships are challenged for unconscious as well as conscious reasons. We often feel, lost, troubled or dissatisfied with our lives, and difficulty with relationships and self-expression – despite our other achievements. In wanting to change our direction and heal painful feelings, we often need to work on underlying obstacles that go beyond problem solving. Unlike other modalities which emphasize treating one’s symptoms, psychoanalysis considers the whole person: our conscious and unconscious experience, within ourselves and within our socio-cultural environment. Psychoanalysis is a therapeutic process, but one that is deeper. It is designed to explore our complex emotions, motivation and obstacles to emotional freedom. Its goal is to promote change. Often we find intricate ways to hide, even from ourselves. In analysis, with the right person, we try to discover the hidden things that are getting in our way of achieving the potential for a better life.

Time is needed to create the space for the work to unfold. Placement with an advanced candidate for psychoanalytic treatment involves multiple sessions per week (usually three) for a minimum of at least two years.  We strive to make this financially accessible to all considering psychoanalytic treatment, particularly those from communities which have been underserved and/or lack sufficient access to psychoanalytic treatment. If you are interested in being seen by an advanced candidate for psychoanalytic treatment, please complete our ICP Treatment Request form, or if you prefer you can call us at: (212) 333-3444.