Treatment Services

The Adult Treatment Service offers individual psychotherapy (1-2 times weekly), or intensive psychoanalytic treatment (3-5 times weekly); and referral for supportive psychiatric medication treatment when needed as an adjunct to psychotherapy. Therapy may help with a range of problems-in-living that affect the way we think and feel. These include symptoms of anxiety, indecisiveness, guilt and shame; depression and low self-esteem; effects of abuse; flashback memories; and distress in work and relationships. Our therapists appreciate the uniqueness of each person’s life experience and cultural background. Our patients come from a range of ethnic, economic and work backgrounds.

Our therapists are psychodynamically oriented. Many have training in psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy through one of ICP’s training programs or an equivalent. Some are currently in such training. Many of our therapists have completed their graduate degrees and are licensed. Others are earning those degrees or are completing licensing requirements. With the exception of a small number of senior therapists, all clinical work is performed under the supervision of a licensed and experienced professional supervisor.

Interested in receiving treatment through Adult Treatment? Learn about our intake procedures here.